Sunday, February 1, 2015

When Crisis Cuts Off Promotion

Jeremiah 45: 4 This is what you are to say to him: The Lord has said, Truly, the building which I put up will be broken down, and that which was planted by me will be uprooted, and this through all the land;
 5* And as for you, are you looking for great things for yourself? Have no desire for them: for truly I will send evil on all flesh, says the Lord: but your life I will keep safe from attack wherever you go.

When Crisis Cuts Off Personal Glory

Baruch is receiving both a promise and a caution or a warning in this prophetic word through Jeremiah. First comes the caution  or the warning. Don't expect personal greatness or security during this coming time of tragedy. Baruch is not to be concerned about developing his own ministry and personal fortunes during this time.

The promise is the Lord would keep him safe in the midst of all the terrible things that would befall the nation. Even if he was taken as a prisoner to another country the Lord would be with him and keep him alive.

The time in which one lives presents both opportunities and difficulties. Personal goals may be required to take  back seat because of larger public issues.

As followers of Jesus we still live within the context of the time we live in. World War II interrupted the lives of believers in the same way it interrupted the lives of non believers. Some will never rise to great personal heights because the situations in which they live will not permit it. However they can still be used of God in those situations. Noted politicians are speaking about living for a cause greater than yourself.

Secondly even in adverse international situations you can have the promise of Divine protection.

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