Sunday, February 1, 2015

Extravagant Worship

2 Samuel 6: 16 And when the ark of the Lord came into the town of David, Michal, Saul’s daughter, looking out of the window, saw King David dancing and jumping before the Lord; and to her mind he seemed foolish.

In describing the reaction of Michal to the worship of King David upon the entrance of the ark into the city of God the BBE says, "to her mind he seemed foolish."

And so extravagant worshippers still often appear to others. Does the worship of another seem foolish to you? Remember, they are not worshipping you. The question is not does the worship seem foolish to you but how does it appear to the One to whom the worship is directed?

The extravagant worshipper must not seek to offend others but must simply be so captured with the object of His love that the opinions of the others simply fails to enter the equation. The "Davids" must know their worship will always be "foolish" to the Michals of this world.

What was it that appeared to specifically annoy Michal? The BBE says it was his "dancing and jumping before the Lord." It seems the demonstrative worship tends to create more disturbance than the silent variety.

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