Saturday, January 5, 2019

Whose Hair Do You Pull?

Whose hair do you pull? Ezra in 9:3 of the book bearing his name has been told of the sin of the people (especially the leaders). The ESV says, "As soon as I heard this ... [I]
pulled hair from my head and beard and sat appalled." One scholar observes how different Nehemiah responded to a similar situation in Nehemiah 13:25, "I confronted them ... and pulled out their hair." Here are two practical observations. God used two different men with entirely different personalities. He still does. Secondly, while the responses were different neither was wrong. I need to be "appalled" at sin on a personal level. Intercession and brokenness over the sin of society needs to grip us. Sometimes though we are called to to confront the sin and to spiritually pull out the hair of the one living in it. Leaders need to preach on sin. I would suggest we pull out our hair though before we start pulling out the hair on another head or beard.

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