Sunday, February 1, 2015

Who has your ear?

1 Kings 12:6-10
 In one sense the issue was not the age of the counselors but the wisdom of their counsel. One group gave wise counsel the other showed arrogance. In this incident the wisdom came from those of much experience and the arrogant response came from those of the more immature years.

One must be careful not to overgeneralize but this passage does depict the danger that often is experienced by the leadership of youth. If you are young and have been placed in leadership it is incumbent upon you to gather wise counsellors around you. Do not just look for those who flatter you with their opinions but for those who actions reflect a concern for the welfare of the whole.

Rehoboam appears to just be looking for the counsel that stroked his ego. He "gave no attention to the opinion of the old men." Those who pay no attention to the opinions of certain groups of people run the risk of alienating that group.

Servant leadership may not appear to be as “strong” as dictatorial leadership but it is more secure. People are looking for a leader. They will follow one who expresses concern for them. If the people think “you feel their pain” they will follow you.

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