Wednesday, November 19, 2014

When Leaders Fall Into Sin

1 Chronicles 5:24-26

Seven men are described here in significant terms. They are called (BBE) men of war, of great name, and heads of families. These are the leaders of the people.

Tragically in v. 25 they are described as doing evil against the Lord by beginning to worship the gods of the people of the land. These were the same gods that had not been able to protect the land from them and now they were beginning to worship them. It appears to be true that sin makes people stupid!

As a result we read in v. 26 the Lord put it into the heart of the kings of Assyria to take them away as prisoners. Here we see God using the ungodly kings to punish His own children. BBE says "God...put an impulse into the heart of Paul." This is often the way the Lord works. He places an impulse inside the hearts of people. The people carry out the act and often are unaware where the impulse even came from.

Notice v. 24-25 talks about the activities of seven leaders while v. 26 describes the consequences experienced by the entirety of the tribes they led. Often the actions of leaders has unintended consequences on their followers.

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