Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Price of Broken Faith

2 Kings 14:14 “And he took all the gold and silver and all the vessels which were in the house of the Lord and in the storehouse of the king, together with those whose lives would be the price of broken faith, and went back to Samaria.” (BBE)

Those Whose Lives Are the Price of Broken Faith

Most translations use the word hostage in this verse. That is a very accurate reading. I was struck though with the reading in the BBE. Some people paid the price with their lives for broken faith.

The story line is this. Amaziah, King of Judah challenges Jehoash, King of Israel to war. In spite of the attempts of Jehoash to dissuade Amaziah from this course of action the battle is struck. Amaziah experiences a crushing defeat at the hands of Jehoash. Amaziah himself is taken prisoner, the walls of Jerusalem are destroyed, the wealth of both the temple and the palace is plundered, and a number of citizens are taken hostage.

The BBE describes the latter by saying “he took...those whose lives would be the price of broken faith.”

Often it seems the innocent suffer for the actions of the guilty. Amaziah broke faith and the people suffered.

How many children have suffered because of the actions of their parents?
How many citizens have suffered because of the actions of their governmental leaders?

If you break faith someone will pay the price!

If you are a leader your focus must be the welfare of the people. If I take the steps I am considering what will the price be for those who are following me?

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