Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Stiffnecked People

Isaiah 26:10-11

The perverseness of the sinner is revealed in these verses. There is a group of people who will not be touched by the grace of God.

The BBE puts it this way, "Even if you are kind to the evil-doer, he will not go after righteousness." Some people are drawn to the Lord because of His mercy. However there is a group that misunderstands kindness. God's mercy is seen as weakness. The prophet sees a group who will experience the kindness of God but will still refuse to pursue righteousness. God will go after them but they will not go after God.

This group can be surrounded by upright people but still they will persist in a lifestyle of wrongdoing. Their problem is not their surroundings. Their problem is in their heart. People will say if I was only in different circumstances then I would be different. However some would still continue to be ungodly.

This group continues to refuse to recognize God's majesty and glory. They refuse to recognize His inherit right to be worshipped.

No matter what God does to seek to gain the attention of this group they refuse to pay attention. John Calvin would suggest the Lord lifts His hand in creation for all to see but some refuse to see what is plainly before them.

Other scholars suggest God lifts His hand in a warning or threatening gesture yet still the wicked refuse to recognize the Lord.

However the day will come when they will see the justice of God. They will see that indeed the Lord was God. However the day of their acknowledgment will be too late for they will find themselves "burned up in the fire."

If we continue to refuse to grasp the message of Divine mercy then the message of Divine wrath will become ours.

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